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An artist's life in timelapse World of Sepia Intro


A life in time lapse


The story goes like this. After a nuclear holocaust, humanity had to leave the toxic surface in order to survive in underground cities. The first city built was called Omphalos.


Two worlds. This and the netherworld. It's so damn cold between these two worlds that you can no longer feel your body. You're sinking deeper and deeper, little by little. Until you finally got to the other side. Welcome to Sepia.


Most of the time I start with a rough sketch, which I then continue to refine until it corresponds to the vision in my head as exactly as possible. Here comes the perfectionist, who occupies a very large part of my personality, to the semblance.


For me, this drawing represents a synapse in the brain that almost explodes with creativity. Let me know what you see in this picture in the youtube comments.


Without time life doesn't exist. So, time is the most important thing of all. Use your time wisely and beware of people who want to take it from you.


Many of my drawings begin their journey in my sketchbook. I always work on several pictures at the same time. Sometimes, as in this case, I leave the picture to rest for a while.


Everything is connected with everything. But a connection is only as strong as its weakest link. So make sure all links are nearly equally strong.


Another homage to Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. The white rabbit represents a higher ideal. An idea. A target. Follow the white rabbit and he will take you to new places.


This picture could just as easily have been called illusion, but I thought camouflage was better. Aren't we all hiding something? What are you hiding? Don't you hide behind everything so you don't have to be yourself?


The title of this picture already reveals everything. Among the blind a one-eyed is the king. This is one of the most complex drawings I've made so far.


Heartbreak is never easy. It hurts like hell. But I want you to know that I don't have bad feelings for you. You are a wonderful woman. But there can only be one soul mate. I am so sorry. I wish you all the best and a great future.


This illustration from the World of Sepia is the third drawing I ever made. It has a nice 3D effect and is perfect for reflecting on your life. This picture was influenced mainly by the Taoist doctrine.

Girl from Countryside 2

I tried to film as much as possible, but sometimes the camera battery ran out or my memory card became full. The girl from the country takes about two and a half years. The duration of the painting was approximately thirty hours.

Girl from Countryside - Part 1

After a beautiful day at the lake I got the idea of this drawing. I drew this picture for the birthday of a very special woman. Often I work on several drawings at the same time, so it may take several years for a picture to be finished.

Sea of Sepia

The Sea of Sepia is a tribute to Katsushika Hokusai. I visited Japan in 2008 and I saw his picture "The Great Wave Off Kanagawa" for the first time. I was thrilled by this wonderful work and i thought it is worth to transform into my World of Sepia.


You am I - Episode 1

I do not know this woman. And yet I had to draw her. Probably I will never solve the mystery of your origin and that's what makes it so exciting for me.


Space Jockey - Episode 5

Okay. I am now at 27 DIN-A3 sheets. This corresponds to a size of 1.26 x 2.67 meters. Purely arithmetically I will need between 600-800 hours for the completion.

Space Jockey - Episode 4

The Space Jockey now includes twenty-one sheets. It is crazy and naive to start such a big picture. I must urgently brake myself to enlarge the drawing even further.

Space Jockey - Episode 3

At the moment the picture consists of fifteen Din-A3 sheets. Already I would need about 400 hours for the completion of the drawing. So this is a long-term project that will be tackled over several years.

Space Jockey - Episode 2

After I extended the main picture by two more Din-A3 sheets, I could not stop myself and the picture grew further and further. With each additional sheet of paper extends the completion of the image for another 30 hours.

Space Jockey - Episode 1

This project was inspired by James Cameron's Deepsea Challenge Expedition. I consider him one of the greatest geniuses that ever lived. So when he was sitting in his little submarine with all his technological items, I was thrilled by this picture. After that, I developed the space jockey.


The Tiger - Episode 3

After the pencil sketch was finished, I traced the outlines with an ink pen. The many details, such as the faces in the Yggdrasil World Tree, take a lot of time.

The Tiger - Episode 2

The assignment was to design a Twitch banner with a Viking theme. The image had to contain the world tree Yggdrasil, Vikings in battle armor, dragon boats, and the Midgard serpent.

The Tiger - Episode 1

A friend asked me to take this picture. Unfortunately, he didn't like it and I didn't get a cent for it. For this reason I no longer do commissioned work.


Galaxy of beauty

I took this picture for my friend Christian. He wanted two planets in the foreground and a galaxy behind. Instead of paper, I use a plastic plate as a surface.

Blue Planet Realtime

The blue planet was made in just 12 minutes. For once, I filmed here in real time. I do this very seldom because the storage overhead would blow my hard drive budget.

Spraypaint - Space Vision

In this picture I just jumped on it without losing a thought to the result. At minute 0:58 I turn the picture surprisingly and suddenly everything makes sense to me. Now I saw in my head how it had to look like. I had a great flow moment that helped me complete the picture.

Earth Spray

This short video is all about our beautiful planet earth. This time I used a canvas instead of thick glossy paper again.


The craziest Computer I've ever built

The project Hummel dates from 2010 and shows a computer with a self-made housing of fans. It's more like an art and recycling project and has no practical use anymore because the hardware is hopelessly outdated.

Casemod Red Devil

This is my first video. The red devil I built 2008 for my brother in the potato cellar of my grandparents. The cellar had no heating and so I wore three shirts, two pants and two pairs of socks one above the other not to freeze. During the rainy season, the cellar was regularly flooded.


My drawing table build - Teil 3

Over the years, so many books have accumulated that I really needed my own shelf for them. After I had the plan ready, it was off to the hardware store and the rest is history.

My drawing table build - Part 3

Because I only had two struts installed, the old structure tilted forward due to gravity. In addition, the lighting was not even. I'm happy now.

My drawing table build - Part 2

What was missing now was the installation of the electronic. A double socket, the transformer for the lighting and a power supply unit to charge the GoPro during my recordings.

My drawing table build - Part 1

I finished my first drawing in February 2015. A year later I bought a GoPro 4 to film myself doing it. Since I was not satisfied with the recordings, I built this drawing table.

Drawing on a Gnu Skull

I thought drawing on a dead skull would improve my drawing skills. It was very difficult because the skull was extremely thin-walled and broke with the slightest touch. It felt strange too, drawing on a real skull.