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The millenium Artist

Stephan Bauer was born 1986 in Bavaria (South Germany). He shares his progress from Sepia via his newsletter. If you have any questions about his artwork, feel free to send a letter to

Resümee der Biene X Leseprobe

After graduating from secondary school, he trained as an industrial electronics technician and later worked as a machine maintenance technician. Starting in 2007, he traveled around the world to expand his worldview and improve his photography and filming skills.

He never knew what his goal in life was, so he tried many things to find out. For him, everything changed exactly on Feb. 17, 2015. That day, he tried out some new ink pens and made a drawing that turned his whole life upside down. While he was drawing, he instinctively knew what he was here for.

The picture on the right shows his first drawing "Eins" from the World of Sepia. It is the only drawing not for sale. Since 2016, he officially works as a part-time artist to create his fantasy world. On his Youtube Channel you can be part of his artist's life. Don't forget to like, share and subscribe!

Instead of inspiration, he uses the technique of automatic drawing. When you master this technique, drawing becomes a zen meditative obsession. It can effortlessly keep you busy for several hours. Creating a new world with his own hands has never lost its fascination for him.

If you are a gallery owner or collector, feel free to send a letter to